Services to Consider Offering For Your PC and Laptop Repair Business

The day computers started being used by businesses and home-users the need for PC and laptop repair technicians has been ever-present. Computers have got smaller and cheaper and almost every household has a computer and an internet connection. There are two markets to target for a PC repair company: home users and business customers.Home Computer ServicesYou should expect to deal with a wide range of issues including:

PC/laptop repair
Set up wireless network
Wireless/wired printer set up
Software installation
Data recovery
Laptop screen repair
Reload base operating system
PC\laptop health check
As most people use computers to browse the internet you can expect most of your jobs to include removing a virus from a customers laptop or PC. Viruses can make your computer run slow, deleted important files or even log what you type on your keyboard, including your banking details and security passwords. Viruses are also the common cause of constant advert pop-ups when browsing the web. Viruses can also make you operating system unstable by deleting key files and making the system inoperable.

Despite its simplicity to set-up, some people have little or no computer knowledge and may ask you to setup their home network for them. You may get asked to fit a wired or wireless network and install security software so you may want to consider offering the following services:
Internet Connections Cable Broadband, ADSL and Dial-up internet support.
Local Area Networks (LAN) – Installation and troubleshooting services for LANs, WANs, Routers, Switches, Hubs and other networking equipment.
Wireless Networks Installation and troubleshooting services for Wireless networks. We can setup secure, encrypted and password protected wireless routers and networks allowing you to simultaneously share your internet connection with multiple devices (Computers, Laptops, Microsoft Xbox 360s, Sony PS3s, Sony PSPs, iPhones, Mobile Phones).
Firewalls and Internet Security Software We can supply and install award winning anti-virus software on your computer protecting you against the latest malicious software (Virus, Spyware, Adware, Trojan and Rootkit, Pop Up Adverts, Browser Hijacks, Phishing Emails).
Online Backup Networks provide a fast and efficient way to backup data using the disk space of a computer on the local network or via remote offsite computers.
Business ServicesMost businesses use ICT in their business to improve their customer service, attract new customers online and make daily tasks easier for their employees. You may be asked to assist business with a variety of tasks, from simple repairs, to managing large-scale networks or buildings websites. Remember, businesses may expect a faster turnaround than home customers as they rely on their computers heavily in order to get their work done. Businesses need IT, but a lot of people dislike using computers as they fear having to learn how to use them. Business owners love the effect that IT can have on their business and if you can think of an innovative way for businesses to use technology then you are onto a winner.

You should expect to serve businesses from a variety of industries including:
As well as typical repairs, businesses may need you to install, configure and manage their computer network. For the modern organisation to operate effectively, the links connecting its people and their computers are vital. As with most aspects of technology, lots of confusing jargon gets thrown around when describing different types of networks and their components. To put it simple, most businesses need a computer network that will allow you and your employees to share files, printers, scanners and of course, your internet connection.A computer network allows employees to work as a team by constantly staying in touch and sharing the same information and data. It is important that this network is setup correctly for reliability and to ensure all data is secure.Once your network has been installed and configured, it will need to be closely management and support to keep your network running smooth.